Rubber Duck Regatta

2016 Rubber Duck Derby sponsored by Horizon Credit Union Results

  1. Diana Eslick
  2. Liana Cockrum
  3. Sharon Palmerton
  4. Mike Hamilton
  5. BBSI
  6. Anne Reams
  7. Dave Albert
  8. Chuck Sutton
  9. Danielle Boss
  10. Cathy
  11. Adolf Moreno
  12. Carlos Martinez
  13. Deleon Krueger
  14. David Estudillo
  15. Don McGraw
  16. Jason McGowan
  17. Dawna Shestach
  18. Larry Larson
  19. Dayton Tebow
  20. Howi Hamilton
  21. GMAC
  22. Norma Diaz
  23. Coldwell Banker
  24. Angela Villafana
  25. Larry Larson
  26. Lacey Mathias
  27. Greg Olson
  28. Linda Fuhrman
  29. Basic American Foods
  30. John Laughery
  31. GMAC
  32. Tarrah Redwine
  33. Jerry & Susie Ellis
  34. Dave Albert
  35. Moses Lake Community Health Pharmacy
  36. Bob Trask
  37. Andy Brinka
  38. Julie Steinmetz
  39. Trent Kamman
  40. Stephanie Burgess
  41. Kathi Highlander
  42. BBSI
  43. Charlene Whitaker
  44. Trevor Friederas
  45. Sutter, Kunkle & Thompson
  46. Patty Laughery
  47. Amanda McCaffery
  48. Larry Larson
  49. Stan Vagen
  50. Jess Smith



Thank you to everyone who participated and attended the Rubber Duck Derby! Special thanks to our sponsors Business Interiors & Equipment, Michaelle Boetger Graphic Designs, Deb Graser Allstate, & KDRM/KBSN! We appreciate all of your support and look forward to next year’s event!

We also want to say thank you to our booths, Samaritan Healthcare, Moses Lake Community Health Center, Feller Orthodontics, Horizon Credit Union, Moses Lake Lioness, Moses Lake Fire Department, and of course the B&G Club Staff! We can’t thank you enough for helping making this such a fun event!

You may come claim your prize at the McGraw Family Clubhouse (425 N Paxson Dr.) Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm or give us a call at (509) 764-9694. Thank you to our prize sponsors Domino’s, CC McGraw LLC, Trophies by Lake Bowl, Miller’s Fine Jewelers, Jo Jo’s Java, Melissa Green, Stacey Garcia, Homecenter, and Simmer Restaurant!